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RIT – Day 12

12 down … 8 more to go.

So I think that I should have worked out twice today.

Even with working out and not eating supper I am over my daily calorie allotment.  My lunch alone was over my entire daily limit.  So add in my breakfast and it’s ugly.

I debated not eating dinner but my tummy was growling like there’s no tomorrow.  So I had soup and a piece of cheesy bread.

I am 600 calories over.  First time I have ever been this far over in a long time.  Dang that all you can eat sushi!!! *shakes fist*

I keep thinking that I used to do this at least once a week. 😦

Today’s workout was still challenging.  The last set of strength exercises is killer on my upper body.  The muscles I want to grow the most.

Maybe those defined arms that I want aren’t so far away.



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  1. […] This morning’s weigh in was 1 pound more than last week.  Must have been the all you can eat sushi!!! […]

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