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RIT – Day 15

Today’s workout was mediocre.  I just couldn’t get into to it.  I spent the entire time counting down the time. 😦

Level 3 is over and done with now.  Monday brings a whole new challenge.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to brunch at Cora’s.  Not really looking forward to it as the only thing I really like from this restaurant is a entrée called 10 star.


It is an omelette made with bacon, ham, sausages, Frankfurters, bologna, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms and Cheddar, served with roasted potatoes and toast.

I don’t eat the potatoes or the toast.  According to what I can assess, this meal is 1250 calories or something large like that.  Did I mention I am only supposed to have 1400 calories per day?  Doing Jillian adds another 300 calories but even with that I will not be eating anything “fun”.

I don’t think the food is that good that I am willing to have all those calories. 😦  I suppose I could attempt to eat only half.

Maybe they have a low-calorie section I never noticed before.


Comments on: "RIT – Day 15" (2)

  1. You could look at the kids menu. Sometimes they will have smaller options. Most places don’t care if you order from it unless it’s an all you can eat.

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