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Xmas shopping update

I ran into Costco yesterday to pick up a couple of grocery items when I remembered I am supposed to finish my Christmas shopping by month end.

I ended up picking up:

  1. 2 way spa gift cards that can be used at over 2000 spas; one for my Mother and the other for my Step-mom
  2. 3 gift certificates for the movie theatre; one for Princess, one for my sister and the other for my brother
  3. Deluxe “gourmet” mixed nuts for my Dad
  4. One direction cd for Princess

My other sister requested Proactiv acne treatment.  I looked online and nearly fell over when I saw the price.  First problem, I was on the US site.  $35 didn’t seem so bad. But it required signing up to be replenished monthly.  When I tried to order the site referred me to the Canadian site.  There the price for less product was $65.

Ahh … ummm … no thanks.

So I will have to find a kiosk in a mall to see what that cost will be.  I could ship to an US address but I am concerned about the automatic renewal of product.  I’m not sure that I have the time to travel down to the States to go to a mall there. 😦

I have a few more things to pick up for my girls and then I am done. 🙂


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