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I have been a bit consumed with exercise and my calorie counting obsession that I have neglected to post about some other things that are going on with me. 😦

So here goes.

First things first, I got a raise!!!  Back in the beginning of October I was talking with my boss about workplace stuff and what not and I joked about my worth and she said she had been meaning to talk to her boss, who owns the company, about giving me a raise.  I smiled and agreed.  Then we didn’t speak about it again.  I put a little reminder in my head to revisit it again if I didn’t hear back from her by the end of October.

October came and went and my boss and I did not have a change to speak about my salary increase. 😦  Then in the first week of November she called me into her office and said basically we are not going to do a formal review.  She’s just going to tell me what my increase is because we all know that’s the only thing anyone is really interested.

She went to the owner with an “even” number for my new salary and he agreed.  This means an almost 4.5% increase for me!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 **dances jig**  New salary went into effect November 1.

Secondly, I decided to focus some energy on increasing my savings so I joined Single Ma’s saving challenge.  My goal is $10,000.  When I started I was just over half way there.  I was able to add an additional $960 this month bring my total to $6147!  This was made easy by a 3 pay month.  I don’t think that next month the increase will be so nice.

Lastly, I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a rut.  My life consists of work, home, sleep, rinse, repeat. 😦 So I went looking for volunteer opportunities and came across The Shoebox Project.  I am going to put together a shoebox.  It’s a little like the Secret Sister Swap Carla hosted which I had a lot of fun with.  The box needs to be assembled and delivered by December 10 which is absolutely doable.  I will post pictures once I get it all put together.

Fred Victor’s Women’s Shelter & Services is organizing its third annual fundraiser called “Women Strut for Women” in March 2013.  I made inquiries as to what volunteer opportunities are available.  Hopefully my schedule with allow me to offer up some of my time.

So there you go, now you are all caught up. 🙂


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