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Adventures at the mall

I am not a mall girl at all.  I don’t think I ever was.

Earlier this week, my Mom told me that one of the malls near to me is open until 9 on Saturday and when she was there after 6 it was practically empty.  That inspired me to go last night and finish off the rest of my Christmas list.

There was still a fair number of people in the mall when I got there at 8 pm. 😦  And as of December 1 that mall is open until 9:30 pm.  I felt a little sad for the people who had to work so late.

On my to-go-to list was Lululemon, Bulk Barn and Old Navy.

Armed with a 30% off coupon for Bulk Barn and a 20% off coupon for Old Navy I was ready.

I decided to buy my Dad the expensive Lululemon men’s yoga shorts as I hate trying to come up with gifts that he would like/appreciate.  I didn’t get him a birthday gift this year so we could call it a combo gift. 😉 I think it’s better that he be annoyed for a short period of time that I spent money on a gift he really likes than tell me he doesn’t like the gift I got him.  Yes, my Dad has no tact. 😦

I went to Bulk Barn on the hunt for the Taste of Nature Mediterranean Pistachio bar.  Again no luck. 😦  Because I had the coupon I picked up the flavours I hadn’t yet tried along with a couple of packets of hot chocolate and chocolate buttons for my shoebox project.

I went into The Body Shop looking for possible additions to my shoebox.  Nothing grabbed me.

Then I saw Bath & BodyWorks. I was thinking hand sanitizer among other things.  I found a lovely gift set that consisted of shower gel, body lotion, fragrance spray and a lip gloss in a reusable case. Perfect.

Princess doesn’t have any warm track pants that fit so I went to Old Navy to see if they had any.  In the ladies’ section I found what I can only describe as “fashion” track pants.  They were thin and capris.  Made no sense to me.  There was a pair that was not like the others and when I asked the employee about them, he told me they were men’s.  But of course.  Since Princess is tiny, we tried the boy’s section.  3 pairs of warm track pants at $10 each?  Yes please!  What you say With coupon they become $8 each! Yeah baby!!!  I also bought matching hat, scarf, and gloves to go into the shoebox.

A quick stop at the grocery store completed my night.





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