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PGH Update – 12/4/12

What did 4 weeks of Ripped in 30 do for me?

Well on the weight loss front, not so much. 😦  My last 4 weigh-ins have been about the same.  It’s official, I have plateaued. 😦  It’s a little frustrating especially since I spent the last 4 weeks with Jillian kicking my tail.

My co-worker says my body has gotten used to my new lifestyle and as such is comfortable or something to that effect.  Either way I am not impressed.  She says just keep at it and something will give … My cousins tell me to eat less or workout longer and change will happen. Neither of those are particularly appealing right now.

The news is better for my measurements.  I’ve lost at least half an inch everywhere except my upper thigh, which lost nothing.   Grand total 4.5 inches lost.

I do feel stronger and more physically fit.  This was evident by yesterday’s level 1 workout.  Much better than the last time I did it.  I still am not at the advanced level yet but I am not getting as winded as soon as before. 🙂

I will keep at it.

It’s got to get easier, right?

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  1. […] that I know I have plateaued, I want off this plateau … without having to do any real work.  LOL  Delusional […]

  2. Losing inches is great! I’d say just as a great as losing pounds. I do think your cousins are right, though. Shake it up in the food department and add some more to the exercise regime. Good luck and don’t be discouraged. I finally started back on the 30 day shred…whew, I am out of shape.

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