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Christmas shopping update

I am 99% done.

Last Saturday I went to the mall and picked up everything I needed or so I thought.  I was going through my list Sunday night when I realized I had a gift for every one except my youngest sister. 😦

She wants Proactiv.  So I went to a mall near my work to research the price.  It was $71 for 5 products or $60 for the basic 3 piece set.  Way more than I wanted to spend.  So I asked a friend in NY to look into what it might be there.  Turns out it’s not much cheaper at $50 for the set of 3 products; definitely not worth the drive.  Luckily for me one of my co-workers has a daughter who had acne issues and she recommended another brand that I could pick up at my local drug store.  It was $20 for 2 products.  So I picked that up on Tuesday and other than picking up 2 containers for my kids I am done … kinda.

My Dad called me earlier this week and told me the only thing he wants from me is a jar of honey.  He’s been reading up on the benefits of honey so that’s what he wants.  The funny part about all of this is right before I went into Lululemon I went in to a store with different types of honey and various spreads and sauces.  And I left thinking he had enough honey.  In the past my usual gifts to him have been a tie, a jar of honey, his favourite beer or Jarlsberg cheese.

So now I am left wondering do I return the yoga shorts and get him honey?  So I just pick up a jar of honey and add it to his gift?

I so don’t like Christmas shopping.

So far my list looks like  this.

Dad – yoga shorts and gourmet nuts <– do I exchange the nuts for honey?
Step-Mom – wayspa gift certificate
Brother – movie gift certificate
Sister – movie gift certificate
Mom – wayspa gift certificate
Sister – acne treatment
Princess – movie gift certificate, undies, one direction book and cd, motivational jar
Diva – socks, blanket, dork diaries and wimpy kid books, hair chalk, motivational jar

I still have to pick up cards to the put the gift certificates in, bags to put the rest of the gifts in and 2 jars/containers to make the motivational jars.  All of which can be obtained from my local dollar store.

After which I shall be done with the shopping part.

As for my shoebox, I am still unsure on the container.  I thought putting the contents in a plastic shoebox would be a good idea as it would be reusable.  And who doesn’t need another container!?!  But the lid does not want to stay on by itself and I am not supposed to seal the box. 😦everything

A closer looks at the contents.


In the picture is chocolate buttons, hot chocolate mix, tea sampler, reusable pouch containing shower gel, lotion, body spray and lip gloss, hat, scarf and gloves, hand sanitizer, and socks.

The finished product.

Finished product

Yes I know it looks a little plain, but this was the test run to see if everything would fit in the shoebox.  This is when I learned that the lid does not want to stay on this box.  There is a touch too much in it.  I will not be taking anything out so when I am at work on Monday I will be looking for my replacement shoebox.  After that I only have to drop it off. 🙂


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