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Stone soup

During October/November we have turkey lunch at work where we deep fry a number of turkeys and have a potluck to provide the side dishes.  After the lunch one of my co-workers takes home the bones and makes turkey broth to be used to make stone soup at a later date.

Tomorrow is that later date.  This is the third year we have done this and it keeps getting better and better.

The premise behind stone soup is everyone contributes an ingredient and no matter what it is, it will be added to the pot.  There isn’t a list that people check off or sign up for, so we run the risk of having nothing but pasta and broth.  This has yet to happen.  A team building activity that involves food, sign me up!!

I got the idea that home-made bread would be a great addition to the soup since someone is bringing salad.  One of my co-workers has multiple allergies with yeast being one of them.  I will be making a generic white bread and my new favourite cheesy Italian quick bread.  The cheesy bread is without yeast. 🙂

The bread recipe I am using makes two loaves so I will have one at home for myself. 🙂

I also made chicken noodle soup as we had a Costco rotisserie chicken that no one was particularly interested in.  It too will go well with fresh bread. 😉


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