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Good Bonus Surprise?

Nice title huh?

A little back story.

I get retention bonuses at work.  We had a performance bonus program and found that it was not based on real merit so it was scrapped.  And replaced with a retention bonus for folks the company actually wanted to retain. 😉  The bonus happens several times throughout the year at odd intervals.

My latest bonus was until the end of the year.  Usually I am required to stay until a certain date then the bonus is paid on the pay cheque that falls after that date.  This was great for me as this bonus would be paid out next year and be counted as next year’s income.

This scenario did not happen for me this time around.

Since I do not want to be a little old lady eating cat food I put about 60% of this bonus into my retirement fund and left the rest to pay the additional income taxes and add to my $10K savings goal.

Well I check my account and I got paid early.  And there is way more deposited to my account than I expected.

I know “First World Problems”. 😉

My minor issue is that I have no way of know if the amount deposited is correct.  The money allotted to my retirement account takes awhile to show up so I won’t be able to see any time soon if that amount is correct either. 😦

Since I work for a small company we only have one person who deals with payroll and she will not be in until December 31 … so this would be the earliest I would be able to ask or even see my pay stub.

The suspense is torturing me just a little.

Right now my bank account is looking pretty, oh so pretty.  And it will remain looking pretty until I get the confirmation I am looking for.  I would hate to spend any of the extra cash if it wasn’t really mine to spend or worst yet the full amount that was to go to my retirement account didn’t.

I must say I am really hoping we got a year-end bonus that no one told me about.

Comments on: "Good Bonus Surprise?" (4)

  1. Oh that sucks. I do hope all is fine and it’s a good thing and is correct………..but I am like you, what if……….

    Roll on next Monday!!


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