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Adventure in the malls

I think I have been hitting the crazy candy too hard as I have been in 2 different malls in the past 2 days.

Yesterday I got out of work early and decided to take my kids out for pho for lunner (lunch/dinner).  After the meal it was still early so I thought that we could go to the mall to exchange the sweaters my mother got my kids for Christmas.

She bought them at Aeropostale.  It’s what all the cool kids are wearing now-a-days! 😉  My mom did not give them a gift receipt as my sister was beyond sure that she picked the corrected sizes.  Unfortunately she was wrong and there were no more of the sweaters that my sister picked out. 😦  So my girls went looking for something else.  They both picked out a pair of jeans.

When I went to the checkout, the sweaters were ringing in at $9 each.  My mom is a bargain hunter but I don’t see her getting this great of a deal.  The lady behind the counter seemed to think that the sweaters “may” have cost more last week.  A quick call to my sister confirmed that they did pay more than $18 for the sweaters.  So I decided to wait to see if my mom could find the receipt.  I bought the pants they liked anyway as I figured if I left and came back the right size would be gone.

My mom did find the receipt and it was just my luck that she paid cash so I got back the full amount she spent.  What to hear the crazy thing?  She bought the sweaters on sale in November.  They were originally $44.50 each, my mom got them for about 50% off.  Now a month and a half later they were $9.  Retail mark-up is highway robbery.

Speaking of luck.  Everywhere I went last night and today I managed to get a parking spot close to the entrance.  Everywhere. I. Went.

Yesterday we went to:

  • Pacific Mall, a known parking headache.  We barely pulled into the mall and a car was leaving. 🙂
  • Markville Mall and there was a spot right by the door waiting for me. 🙂
  • We left the mall, then I decided to go back into the mall.  We drove around to the other side of the mall and there was a spot waiting by the door. 🙂
  • Costco after the mall and right by the door, a parking spot. 🙂
  • Another mall so I could drop off my library book, there was a parking spot right outside the door. 🙂

Today we went to:

Diva thought I should buy a lottery ticket since we had such “luck”.  I did.  It will be a while before I check although I don’t think I won anything as that is not the kind of luck I have.

Today we spent 4+ hours at the mall.  It was a teenage girl’s best dream and her mother’s … well not so much.  I figure that my girls were cooped up in the house all week so they needed to burn off some energy.  I paid them out their allowance and let them go to town.

It is very “interesting” how much more thought goes into purchases when they are using their own money. 🙂  We actually walked around the entire mall before Diva made a purchase.  She thought something better might come along, but it didn’t.  So she went back to buy the boots that really caught her eye.  Princess tried on more clothes than I had patience for.  In fact most of the time, the girls were in the store, I waited outside on a bench.  Shopping is hard work! LOL  In the end, Princess bought 3 t-shirts and a sweatshirt.

It was a great time spent together and other than dinner at the mall it was relatively inexpensive.  I can’t say that I would sign up to go back any time soon.

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  1. Great deal on the jeans!! Wow!! If I didn’t have 15 prs (or more) hanging in my closet I’d be checking them out as well!! 😉 Glad the girls were able to exchange their gifts for something that fit well. The parking “Gods” must have been with you lately… Haha!! 😉 I plan to stay out of the malls for a while but after the kids are better we’ll definitely need some “out & about” time!

  2. I agree great deals. Didn’t know you lived in the GTA area? Dd lives in Pickering.


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  4. […] realizing what deep discounts are offered after Christmas last year I decided to give my kids the gift of shopping.  I am going to give them money and then […]

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