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2013 Goals

Happy New Year!


This year will be better than ever!!

Isn’t that what we say every January first?  Only to have life return to “normal” by February/March?

Then all resolutions or goals and plans are forgot or deemed to be out of reach.  Too hard.  Takes too long.  Requires too much effort.

I can’t say I have elaborate resolutions … or even any resolutions at all.

There are some things that I would like to accomplish but they are not resolutions per se; more of a lifestyle plan.


I don’t see my family nearly enough.  My Dad & Mom often but my Uncles and Aunts that are in Toronto, not so much. 😦  I need to do better than once a year.  I see my family in MD more than I do the ones that are local. 😦


Other than my BFF, I can go months without seeing some of my friends.  We will talk/text often but we are not in front of each other often enough.


Project Get Healthy will continue.  I have not worked out in almost 2 weeks and even thought my weight is remaining steady, it’s time to get back on the exercise wagon.  While it’s nice to see the numbers on the scale decrease, it is not the most important factor.  I don’t want to turn into a “dieter”.  I just want to eat healthy 80% of the time.  Life without cheese treats is not as exciting to me.


Reduce my debt is still on my list.  Along with increase my net worth.  Try to keep my eye on the prize and not get distracted by shiny new toys.


Learn and grow.  I think it’s been a long time since I have really stretched myself.  I haven’t learned any new skills that I can think of.  I’m stuck in a rut.  In the future I would like to learn something new.  What that is I have yet to determine.  But I will push myself out of my comfort zone.  I will remember the following quotes and try to live my life by them.

Life is too short. Live your life worthy while you’re here. Because we’re only here temporarily. Live life to the fullest! ~ Unknown

Life is too short to be sad all the time, so laugh everyday, smile when you want to cry, love the ones that care for you, forget the ones that don’t, hang out with friends whenever possible, regret nothing because at one time it was everything you wanted, never backstab someone cause they will backstab you back, and just live life to the fullest because you only get one life. ~ Unknown

Nothing too outrageous.  Just common sense. 😉

Comments on: "2013 Goals" (7)

  1. Practical, reasonable, and very much attainable…those are some great goals there! Happy 2013 and good luck achieving each and every one. I’m a goals freak – yearly, monthly, weekly, daily…it’s really nuts.

  2. I love your goals. This reminds me that I need to post mine!

  3. The New Year often just begs for all kinds of resolutions to be made. If we accomplish the goals we set out to do, we feel really good about ourself. If we fail to meet those goals, some of us beat ourself up for not having accomplished what we set out to do. Soo, with this in mind, last year I made absolutely NO resolutions whatsoever. Now, I realize that I was letting myself off to easy.

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