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Well not only are the parking “Gods” smiling at me, it seems I really have hit a lucky streak.

Here’s the proof:

  1. The amount of money that dropped into my account on my last pay-day was not an error.  Turns out there was an increase in my bonus!  It was 40% more than I was expecting!  So my retirement account got a boost and so did my savings and debt repayment!!  WHOO HOO!!! 🙂
  2. Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily made a pair of beautiful pot holders and tea towel as a giveaway.  I left a comment because I think the pieces she makes are fantastic so why not try my luck! 😉  I won!
  3. Last month Single Ma hosted a savings challenge.  The requirements were to set a goal, save as much as possible towards it and report back.  I did not save the most, but I did check in with my progress and *bim* *bam* *boo* my comment was randomly selected! 🙂

Now to check my lottery tickets and see if my luck holds!! 😉

I actually see all of these events as evidence of what I know for sure … life is good … always. 🙂 And I am grateful for these little reminders.

Comments on: "“Lady luck” is on my side" (7)

  1. You really have been having a luck streak. It really is awesome and I’m happy for you. Hope those tickets are winners as well.

  2. You are blessed!

  3. Wow…sounds like the blessings are flowing. May they continue!

  4. […] 7 – $57 gas +$22.50 credit from NSF $4.36 groceries +$2 lottery win (from when I was feeling lucky) $6 bus […]

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