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What to say

I am not impressed with myself at this moment.


I have managed to incur my first or second(?) NSF fee, because I am impatient and clearly lacking memory skills. 😦

I have a budget that I swear I know how to use it but I managed to screw it up. 😦

I transferred money into my savings and marked it down in my spreadsheet.  But days later when I was checking my savings account I did not see the money show up and there was no pending transaction.

At this point I doubted that I had actually done the transfer and arranged another transfer … you can see where this is going, right?

Anyhoo, both transfers went through with not enough money in my account, the second one resulted in a $45 NSF fee.  *hanging head in shame*

I have called my bank and explained that I am an idiot and is there anything they can do and they have offered to go half which is more that I could expect.  The credit should appear in my account by the end of next week.

I can’t believe I did this.

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  1. I feel your pain. I hate fees, especially when it’s due to me not paying attention. I had to pay a fee for missing the property tax deadline on our rental property. It was less than $20 but I was so irritated.

  2. Even though you are responsible because you doubted yourself, I also blame the banking system. I find it really annoying when electronic transfers are slow to update. I keep track of all my transactions on my phone but most times my internet banking takes days before they update. If it wasn’t for me placing more trust in my phone, I would doubt many transactions myself.

  3. UGH!! Don’t you hate that!? Remember a couple months ago I got dinged with almost $60 worth of bank fee’s for transferring $$ into my account the “wrong way”.. soo annoying! At least you got half of that back… live n’ learn!

  4. […] Financially, I’m doing pretty good.  I have used up a lot of the perishables in my fridge so as not to go grocery shopping or better yet throw out rotten food.  The amount of food waste in my home is horrible.  I have challenged my girls to use it up before it spoils.  They are aware of my “you are throwing out my time” lecture when it comes to food waste.  This time around I am getting more vigilant.  No more stock piling perishables with the hopes that we will use it up.  We are going to reduce our waste.  I was doing well with the no spending part and was at $3.18 before my NSF fiasco. […]

  5. […] 7 – $57 gas +$22.50 credit from NSF $4.36 groceries +$2 lottery win (from when I was feeling lucky) $6 bus […]

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