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It’s a grey day here in T.O. and as such I should stay in and declutter.

I still have not done more than glanced at my dining room.  I keep hoping that the maid I wished for would show up and deal with it but so far no luck there. 😦

Carla issued a mini challenge of making do on the financial side and decluttering some of the knick knacks/magazines etc that are taking over your home.

Financially, I’m doing pretty good.  I have used up a lot of the perishables in my fridge so as not to go grocery shopping or better yet throw out rotten food.  The amount of food waste in my home is horrible.  I have challenged my girls to use it up before it spoils.  They are aware of my “you are throwing out my time” lecture when it comes to food waste.  This time around I am getting more vigilant.  No more stock piling perishables with the hopes that we will use it up.  We are going to reduce our waste.  I was doing well with the no spending part and was at $3.18 before my NSF fiasco.

For me the magazines are a big one.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions and my intention is to read old magazines. *blush* I have piles of magazines through out my home and the intention to read them all.  Once I’ve read them then they go out the door.  Some are passed on to a neighbour, the others I drop off at the hospital.  I do keep one.  In fact I have every issue every printed of O. 😦  I’m not sure what I am going to do with them all but I have them.

Today I am going to clean my fridge, coffee table and hallway table.

I’ll be back with pictures.


Comments on: "January Challenge – 1/5/13" (2)

  1. We’ve been doing lots of cleaning and organizing around the house the past week. De-cluttering is a very good way to open up the space. Have fun! Mr.CBB

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