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Sunday’s Activities

Yesterday was cleaning.

Today was cooking and baking.

I was going to make curry chicken and roti for dinner last night and then my mom said she was coming over with my sister.  I didn’t have enough chicken to feed 5 people and there was nothing in the house to “stretch” it with, so I made spaghetti and meatballs instead.

This morning afternoon I convinced Princess to make pancakes with sausage for brunch.  I like when she makes pancakes.   Although I think she is taking my watching of calories a little to far, as the pancakes she made specially for me were on the small size.

Today’s lunch was supposed to be curry chicken but while putting the seasoning together I realized I didn’t have any curry powder.  Princess with such faith in her mother’s abilities suggested I make my own from scratch.  Gotta love that girl. 🙂

I was supposed to go to No Frills to purchase a few sale items.  As time passed this afternoon I was feeling overwhelmed so I went to the closest supermarket and picked up curry powder among other things.  My list contained 6 items, I came home with 7.  Damn cherry addiction. 😦

A while back Carla wrote that she bought her yeast at Costco as you get much more for the same price or less than what’s available in the supermarkets.  So when I ran out of the yeast in the little brown jar I bought a block from Costco.  I had no idea what to expect.  I have yet to taste the rolls I made, but they were the softest rolls I think I have ever made. 🙂  Thanks Carla.

Tomorrow will be back on the exercise wagon.

Think I can convince myself to get up in the morning and get it out-of-the-way?




Comments on: "Sunday’s Activities" (4)

  1. Aww I was hoping you would make your own curry 🙂

    Did you get your exercise in this morning.

  2. I always do better with exercise in the morning. I hate having to do it sometimes but ALWAYS feel better when it`s done!

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