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WSR – 01/07/13

I am still writing 2012 when I am not looking.

OK I am a little in shock as I just realized that my last spending report was 3 weeks ago!?!  I’m blaming the holidays.  They got me all turned upside down. LOL

Since it’s a new month/year, I think I’ll just start fresh with January 1.

Jan 1 – No Spend Day

Jan 2 – $1.13 construction paper

Jan 3 – $2.05 dinner out with Princess (gotta love group buy deals!)

Jan 4 – $45 NSF 😦 (until my account is credited I am recording the full amount)

Jan 5 – No Spend Day

Jan 6 – +$10 pay out from market research company
$19.70 groceries

Total: $67.88 – $10 = $57.88 NET
2 No Spend Days

If I take out the stupid tax then this was a pretty good week. 😉  I have come up with a weekly budget amount of $195.  This includes groceries and gas and anything else not budgeted for.

My plan is to go grocery shopping today and fill up my car with gas and see if I can do a fiscal fast until … I was going to say next Monday but I believe I have a lunch date with an old co-worker on Saturday … so Saturday it will have to be.  I think this is actually better as I will most definitely need milk by then.  Diva drinks it like it’s going out of style.

I think this month will be the start of meal planning for me.  This way I can ensure I use up what’s in my fridge/cupboards.  This year will be the year we reduce food waste, come what may.

Monday: curry chicken and rice
Tuesday: leftover spaghetti sauce and pasta baked with cheese, cause everything is better with cheese 😉
Wednesday: chicken strips and potatoes
Thursday: any leftovers from past nights
Friday: frozen pizza
Saturday: potato and Costco chicken
Sunday: chicken soup

My co-workers and I started doing soup/salad Mondays where we take turns bringing in soup with/without salad for all.  There are only three of us participating so it’s not too overwhelming.  Next Monday is my turn.  I am leaning towards chicken noodle.  Today’s soup is spicy Thai carrot.

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