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PGH – 01/08/13



No exercise (Source)

Confession time: I still have not gotten back on the exercise bandwagon.  There I said it.  Cue the flogging!

Reasons Excuses: I have way too many.  But truth be told none of them are that good.

There are 2 small factors that are playing into my laziness.

  1. I have been feeling run down and cold. Since the weight started coming off I have felt cold.  No longer do I lounge in yoga pants.  I have turned into the sexy queen of flannel and fleece!!  And even then I will still crawl under a blanket.  My house is set at 72F/22C and Diva is usually walking around in her skivvies so it’s me. 😦
  2. Even though I have not been exercising my weight is still decreasing.  This is not motivating me to get back to working out. Especially since I worked out for 4 weeks straight and my weight did not move.

Right now I am trying to get to bed at a decent hour so that I can get some much-needed rest.  Last night was my first night and it felt good today.  I was not falling over tired at 5 pm.  So I am off to bed early again tonight.

Hopefully I can conquer this run down feeling and get my mojo back.

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