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IWIW – 01/09/13

I was in the middle of this post last night when the internet died. 😦  I thought it was only me but I was wrong.  Rogers had an outage that affected a great many people.  I tried calling customer service last night I got the “thank you for holding someone will be with you shortly” message … for over 1 hour. 😦  I tried again this morning, the wait was said to be over 15 minutes.  I hung up after 20.  I hope by the time I get home tonight everything is back to “normal”.

Back to last night’s thoughts.

diners-drive-ins-and-dives (Source)

Over the course of the holidays I discovered The Food Network.

They were running marathon sessions of Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives.  OMG I have a new love.  Diva and I spent countless hours watching my new BFF, Guy Fieri eating his way across America.  There were lots of fattening amazing looking dishes that made us think we should go there.

Of course neither of us wrote down the names of any of these places somewhere we might find it again. 😦

At the end of most episodes, we both say the same thing, “I want his job!!!”

How cool would it be to travel all over to eat food and get paid for it?

Comments on: "IWIW – 01/09/13" (6)

  1. Oh! I just LOVE that show! My girls love it too… and the food!? Mmmmmm!!! I’d weigh 400lbs if I had his job… haha!!

  2. PS – ROGERS sucks. 😛 lol!

  3. Funny you should post this, I too have just discovered the food network! Home with the flu and lots of time to watch tv. Funny I don’t have much interest in eating but I can’t stop watching! Maybe when I get my appetite back I’ll make something I’ve seen. (And my 9 year old son love DD&D too!

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