Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

WSR – 1/15/13

Jan 7 – $57 gas
+$22.50 credit from NSF
$4.36 groceries
+$2 lottery win (from when I was feeling lucky)
$6 bus fare

Jan 8 – $15 sushi lunch
$256 dentist

Jan 9 – No Spend Day

Jan 10 – $180 Diva’s grad trip (part 2 of 3)

Jan 11 – No Spend Day

Jan 12 – $10 lunch with friend
$3.98 lunch at Costco for Princess
$239.98 glasses for Princess (a portion of this will come back to me)
$104.54 groceries
$42.11 drug store

Jan 13 – No Spend Day

Grand Total: $918.97 – $24 = $894.97 NET
3 No Spend Days

Well there goes the no/low spending for last week.  I have not decluttered.  I am spending money like a “baller”.  I have taken my eye off the prize.

I was attempting to do 4 days of no spending in a row but then an old co-worker passed by and we went to lunch on Tuesday.  I semi-forgot about the latest instalment for Diva’s trip.  I knew that the next payment was due, but it wasn’t until Monday.  I decided to pay it early while I remembered.  I really want her to go on this trip.

As for the glasses … well Princess got a new prescription back in September.  When we went looking for glasses we did not find frames we both agreed on.  I bought her contacts at the time which she refuses to wear.  I mistakenly believed that my benefits were $200 each calendar year so I waited until January to get her glasses thinking that the coverage would start fresh.  It doesn’t.  It seems like it’s for each 12 month period. 😦  So I will get money back just not the whole $200. 😦

The saddest part for me right now is that $100+ for groceries did not include any meat. *silent tears* 😦

I am going to take a minute and get back on track.  We will be eating out of the freezer and other than milk and produce I am going to try to stay out of Costco and the grocery stores.

As for the decluttering … during the week is not the greatest time for me.  By the time I come home, work out, fix up dinner then spend time with my kids … it’s relax time for me I have no interest in doing anything else.  So this week-end I am going to have to step up my game.


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