Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Even though I am meal planning, I still don’t always eat what is on the menu for that day.  Case in point, last Friday I was supposed to have a frozen pizza, but there was a serving of split pea soup left and I forgot that my girlfriend gave me some fish, so we ate that instead.

My fridge is bare.  It was looking empty, then Diva dumped all the fruit cups on the bottom shelf.


There is food in my freezers.

Fridge freezer Chest freezer

So I think instead of putting a day to the meal I am just going to list out the meals I will be making this week.

On the menu this week is:

salmon and rice/quinoa with broccoli
meatball subs and broccoli or corn
chicken fingers, broccoli and accordion potatoes
spaghetti and leftover meatballs
fish sticks and home-made fries

I do need to pick up a few things as I have no fresh fruit or yogurt in the house but I am going to see how long I can last.  I think I will wait until I run out of milk to go to the grocery store.  Based on how much Diva loves milk that should be shortly.  I have $130 in my grocery budget to last me until the end of the month.  I am going to try to not spend most of it.

Today has been deemed the day to bake and do laundry.

I feel like chores are never-ending.  I have occasionally tried to fool myself into doing them in the week but now-a-days it all seems to pile up on the weekends. 😦

I am going to bake bread as usual.  I have convinced Princess that she would like to make chocolate chip cookies. 🙂  I will also make accordion potatoes today as I am not sure that I can do the prep work ahead of time and then bake them hours later.  I always think that once I have sliced a potato I need to cook it right away.  Although having said that I just read the other day that to make crisper fries, one should soak the cut potatoes from the night before.

Time to go to work.



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