Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

WSR – 1/21/13

Jan 14 – No Spend Day

Jan 15 – $10 CPR course for Princess
$13.32 drug store

Jan 16 – No Spend Day
+$146.22 refund from Princess’ glasses

Jan 17 – $17 sushi lunch

Jan 18 – $8.5 magazines
$26.84 groceries
$99.98 glasses for Diva

Jan 19 – $0.21 dinner at South Street burger joint
$14 beef patties

Jan 20 – No Spend Day

Total: $189.85 – $146.22 = $43.63 NET
3 No Spend Days

Not bad. 🙂  I actually thought it would be worst.  I still have yet to hit 4 “no spend days” in one week.  Maybe this week.  I am trying to stop randomly running errands.  I am determined to “shop” my freezer this week.  I still have 2+ bags of milk which is over 2.75 liters for those of you who don’t buy milk in bags.

Tonight’s dinner was salmon and accordion potatoes.  No broccoli or corn as I forgot. 😦

Tomorrow’s dinner will be meatball subs on home-made rolls with broccoli.


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