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I went to Costco yesterday to pick up Diva’s glasses.  After a comedy of errors where they made her new glasses in her old prescription they were finally ready.  She is a happy camper.  It was “torture” for her, having to wait so long.

While at Costco I figured I would pick up a few things.  Well a few things turned into plenty.  But for all my picking up of food the ability to greatly increase the number of vegetables in my house still eluded me. 😦

I usually buy a big bag of fresh broccoli from Costco.  Today the produce section looked picked over.  In Costco!?!  I seem to have developed a knack for hitting the grocery store when the items I want are all gone.

I have visions of spinach and broccoli but none to be found. 😦  I did substitute in Brussels sprouts and celery, but still not as exciting.

On the other hand I have stocked up on various kinds of meat, so we should be good for a while.

I picked up some wraps and chicken flings (boneless chicken wings) to make quesadillas.   I think that will be tonight’s dinner.  Last night was Costco rotisserie chicken with spring rolls and Brussels sprouts.

Speaking of tonight, I am debating going to my boss’ house to make Valentine’s Day cards.  She is a Stampin Up demonstrator and has been trying to get me into this craft for a short while now.  The cost to do it is $15 to make 4 cards.

Considering my many pending yarn projects I think I will pass on this new hobby but I still want to go to a workshop or two.  I am on the fence about going to this workshop.  Partly because once I am home I don’t want to go out again and also because I am over-budget this month.  I was good until the trip to Costco.

At my boss’ insistence,  I made my first card earlier this month.  It was fun but a bit overwhelming.  So many possibilities, how do I choose just one??  In the end I left it to “settle” for a couple of days then pulled out the glue. 🙂 This is roughly what it looks like.  For whatever reason it didn’t occur to me to take a picture after I committed.  And looking at the picture now I think it might have been wiser to put the white card not on a white table.  Next time, 😉

My first card



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  1. I’m rarely at Costco but I can see how you’d go over budget! lol!! It’s HUGE. Your card looks great! Stampin’ Up! is so much fun! I used to belong to a stamp club, but it does add up quite quickly!!

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