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January Challenge recap

Yes I know I am late to the party, but I want to be accountable so here goes.

My goals were:

For the No/Low Spend part:

  1. Cash only – no debit or credit Pass
  2. Stick to my budget – I will be coming up with a weekly amount shortly Well … not when I add in the pairs of glasses bought.  I was good for 50% of the month
  3. Start another ‘sealed pot’ and really seal it ;) While I didn’t dip into the last one, I can’t say for sure my kids didn’t help themselves :( Done
  4. One 7 day fiscal fast Not quite 7 days, I did I hit 5
  5. 4 No Spend Days each week Not quite either, but I did have more no spend days that in recent months

For the Decluttering part:

  1. Get my dining room back to serving its purpose, it is a hot mess – there will be photo evidence :( Done
  2. Shred the piles of paper around my home Done
  3. Declutter my bedroom Not even close
  4. Pare down my closet Forgot this was on the list 😦

Well I did more than I would have had I had no goals.  Say that 3 times fast!! LOL

All in all I am glad I participated.  I could have done more but I am okay with what I accomplished.  I mean did you see what my dining room used to look like???  That alone was worth it’s weight in sweat.



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