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No better time

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This week-end I decided Monday was going to be Day 1 of the my detox.  My meals are to be unprocessed meat, grains, veggies and some fruit.  On this cleanse I am to avoid dairy, flour, sugar, yeast, vinegar and tropical fruits, among other things.

In preparation, on Sunday I made a big batch of chicken soup.  In the pot I put:

1 cup of yellow split peas
the left over Costco chicken
1 cup of quinoa
baby carrots
salt/pepper/cayenne pepper/oregano/thyme

The soup was light calorie-wise and yummy. 🙂  The quinoa was a surprise addition.  My cousin gave me the idea as she tells me that she usually has cooked quinoa in her fridge that she adds to any meal that she wants to make healthier.  While I have had quinoa in my home for a while, I have only used it as a substitute for rice.

Yesterday I baked the salmon I bought from Costco; all of it.  I originally was going to put some of the fish in the freezer for later but then I remembered I am allowed all the fish I want. 🙂  So I baked it all 1.308 kg of it!!  I seasoned it 4 different ways.

All pieces were covered with lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.  I then put Mrs Dash on one piece, cayenne pepper on another and Old Bay on the third piece.  I didn’t add anything extra to the last piece.

I made quinoa and brown rice for the very first time.  The brown rice took forever to cook and was not a hit with my girls.

On this cleanse I can have all the fish, brown rice and almonds I want. 🙂

At the end of the evening, half the fish was gone.

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  1. I bought an $8.00 rice cooker from Wal-Mart that cooks my brown rice and it’s awesome! Makes *perfect* rice each & every time!!

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