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Wicked winter weather

Living close to work is a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because really who likes to commute?  No one!

The curse part, well in bad weather I feel incredibly guilty if others who live further away make it into the office and I don’t show up.

Such was the case today.  This morning was slow and steady with poor visibility.  But there were not many cars on the road so it was not too bad.

This afternoon was a whole different story.

Firstly the snow plow went the parking lot not once, not twice, but three times in the 5 hours I was at work.  Putting huge snow drifts in front of my car. 😦  I shovelled the side-walk when I came in at 9.  My co-worker shovelled around noon. When I left after 1:30 it looked like no one had touched it.  In fact I had trouble closing the front door.

This is my co-worker’s car.

parking lot


Mine looked about the same.

I got some good exercise digging my car out. 🙂

It was a slower drive home.  There were a few cars stuck in the snow drifts.  I passed 2 cars that looked like they were just abandoned … in the middle of the street.

At one point I made a right hand turn and got stuck.  My check engine light AND my abs light came on.  There were a few expensive thoughts that flew through my mind.  After a little back and forth my car came out of the snow and my check engine light went out.  After a long while so did my abs light.  PHEW!

When I got home, one of my neighbours was stuck trying to get into our driveway.  Thankfully our super was there with a snow blower.

My driveway


I have never been so glad to be home in a long time.

Comments on: "Wicked winter weather" (8)

  1. We have a tonne of snow as well! I’m glad you made it home ok!! Have a great weekend, stay warm!

  2. Be careful out there. Have a great weekend.

  3. Stay warm and safe.

  4. Wow!! To me (Aussie here) that seems like the ultimate pioneering, frontier life! I have very rarely seen more than a few inches of snow on the ground in my whole life. Well done on making it home in one piece 🙂

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