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Fool me once …

I think there must be something not right going on in my world.

Usually my negative interactions with Rogers are limited to at most 3 times a year.  For that I am willing to put up with their good service.  But in recent months I have had to call Rogers once a month to get a discount they said they would give me that has yet to appear on my bill.

Every month I am assured by someone that it will be on my bill next month and then the bill arrives and SURPRISE NOTHING.

So for the past 4 months I have been calling Rogers monthly because the credit to my home phone is not on my bill.  Last month, I spoke to a lovely lady who credited my account for the amount that should have been taken off for the past 3 months. 🙂 She also told me that the credit would be there on my next bill.

Anyone want to guess what was missing from this month’s bill?

The latest CSR swears it was a system glitch and recommended that I short pay the bill.  And of course the discount will be on my next bill.

I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

Comments on: "Fool me once …" (4)

  1. if you don’t laugh you will only cry and they are so not worth it. Customer service really sucks nowadays you know.


  2. Ugh!!! I feel your pain!!! What I did after dealing with this for months on end as well, was paid $xxx less on the bill they sent me! The next month it evened out. I got sick of overpaying each month too! Gets to be a bit much!!

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