Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Happy Friday

I don’t think I have been happier for a week to end.  And it’s a long weekend to boot!!  YEAH!!!

This one just seemed long and busy.  Tuesday through Thursday evenings I had somewhere to go. 😦

Today is the last day of my cleanse!!  Yesterday out of no where I had a craving for bread, well a sandwich actually.  It was rather strange.  But it passed.  I did not give into it. 🙂

I miss pasta.  Or rather the ease of pasta.

Over the week-end I will be slowly easing back into eating the foods I haven’t eaten in the past 12 days.  Not too much though I would like to retain some of my new good eating habits.

I need to put exercise back in my life.  I have really let that one go.

Last week-end I ran into the lady who lives below me and she asked what I am doing as she heard me making a lot of noise.  I can only assume that she was referring to when I was doing the walking video so we chatted about that.  Wednesday she came to visit to tell me she’s sorry she mentioned it as I seemed to have stopped. 😦

It is so true you never know who is watching.  So now I have extra guilt as my neighbour thinks I stopped because of her. ARGHH!!

So tonight after work I am going to do a walk.  Gotta ease my neighbour’s mind. 😉 LOL

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