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PGH – 2/28/13

I am still on my quest to become a healthier version on me.

The cleanse did jump-start some weight loss.  But since it’s been over, I managed to gain back 3 of the 7 pounds lost.  I figure it was not in the cards for me yet.  Probably due to re-introducing the fun stuff back into my diet.  Dang you sugar, wheat and diary.

Last week I worked out 4 times.  So far this week … once. 😦  But in my defence I was feeling terrible on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tonight was the first time I didn’t feel bloated and uncomfortable.  I am blaming the sandwich I had on Tuesday for lunch.

So far I am down 14 pounds.

I made a bet with a good guy friend of mine.  He too would like to lose weight and thinks that because he’s a dude he will be able to get rid of his 30 lbs before I get rid of my 15 lbs.  Before I gained back the 3 lbs I was feeling confident, now not so much.  Although I don’t think that he has really started doing anything to get rid of his weight so I might still win.  The weigh in date is May 1.  Wish me luck. 😉

Other than that I have just been chugging along.



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  1. I know how you feel, I’m making an effort to get back into a regular routine. Before the 3rd baby use to workout 5 times a week and play sports 3 times a week. This last few weeks I’ve been better, getting to thy gym 2-3 times and playing volleyball twice a week. Still no where near where I use to be!

    Funny how it’s easy to fall back into bad habits and not so easy to get back the good ones 😉 We’ll just have to not be so hard on ourselves and celebrate our achievments, big and small. Your 14 lbs lost so far is amazing, you should be proud!

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