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Rookie mistake

So yesterday, flour and the oven were my best friends.

Princess and I have a deal.  When I want pancakes she will make the batter from scratch and I will cook them up.  She is more of a baker and it’s hard to convince her to use the stove top.  She is afraid she will get burned.  I don’t push the issue, I think she will get comfortable sooner or later.

My plan for yesterday was to bake bread and banana muffins.

I took out some ribs on Saturday to defrost, figuring we would do a big Sunday night dinner.  But as I was driving to get Diva from her friend’s house she needed another hour to get her project done. I spent that time wandering through Michael’s but that’s neither here nor there. O_o

By the time I picked her up and came home it was too late to start dinner to eat it that night.  So I had Princess make a pizza.

After the pizza was done, I put the bread in the oven.  I mixed up the batter for the muffins while the bread was baking.  Since it’s banana based I have to add chocolate chips in order to convince my kids to eat it.  So I halved the batter; one set with chocolate chips, the other with walnuts.

Once the bread was done I put in the muffins and seasoned up the ribs.  When the muffins were done the ribs went in the oven.

Bread and muffins

So where was my rookie move when this whole process sounds like a well oiled machine?

When entering the recipe for the banana muffins into myfitnesspal.com I realized that I used twice as much butter as I should have. 😦

While removing the muffins I noticed that it seemed rather oily at the bottom of the pan.  Using 1 cup of butter instead of a half cup might explain that!! LOL

I have yet to taste them as I have issues.  BUT I have bigger issues with wasting food so I will be taking one to work tomorrow to have for breakfast.  Princess said it gushed butter when she first bit into one, but she might just be messing with my mind.

Have you ever  made a miscalculation when baking/cooking?  Did it turn out for the better?

**UPDATE** The muffin was delicious.  Super moist. 🙂


Comments on: "Rookie mistake" (2)

  1. The fact that you make bread period leaves me in awe. You are a regular Martha stewart in my eyes. And…why in the name of Paula Dean would you ever think there is such a thing as too much butter? lol

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