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PGH – 3/7/13

Going back in time …


My Aunt bought this tape ( yes as in VHS tape) brand new.  I am not sure how it came into my possession but I remember doing this back in high school.  I remember another Aunt doing the exercise program back then as well.  Sadly I remember chuckling to myself as she could not stretch as far as I could at the time.  Little did I know that 3 years ago at a family reunion, this now 70-year-old Aunt would put on a bikini and put ALL of her nieces to shame.

How full of my self I was back then … Oh to be young. 😉

Anyhoo, I pulled this oldie but goody off of the bookshelf and vowed to do it every 4 days.  So far I have done it 4 times.  This video promises visible change to your body after doing it 10 times.  I usually see a change after 5 or 6 and then stop doing it. 😦  I like that there is no impact and lots of stretching.  Something I don’t get from Jillian or Leslie.

The library has become an even bigger asset to me as I am now using it to borrow all kinds of workout videos.  Test driving them before I think about buying them.  Much better for my wallet and I get a variety of workouts.  My only complaint is that I only get the videos for a week at a time so I have to hustle to try them.

Last week I went back to Jillian.  There is something to be said for that wiped feeling after a workout.  You know when you are huffing and puffing and high on endorphins. 😉  And you think, “man that was one tough workout.”

banish fat boost metabolism (Source)

What I like about Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is that it was a good lot of cardio.  While weights were not used I still felt like I got a great workout.  I only did it once cause it’s almost an hour!!!  I am the queen of the 20 minute workout.  Although now that I am lighter I am learning that I will have to workout longer in order to get the same calorie burn as when I started. 😦

Today I did No More Trouble Zones.  OMG …

no more trouble zones (Source)

Miss Jillian was not kidding around with this workout.  Again almost an hour with weights.  My arms are like jelly right now.  I haven’t felt like this in a long while.

I am debating purchasing both of these workouts.  Right now I can order them from Walmart.ca for under $16 total with taxes and free shipping.

As of Monday’s weigh in I am down 18 lbs.  I have 12 more to go to hit my goal.  I think however I might try to lose a bit more than that but I will assess and make that decision when I get to my goal weight.

The first set of measurements I took were back in September.  Last time was mid-February.  At that point I was down a total of 11.25 inches.  I shall measure again this week-end to see if anything has changed.

Right now I am feeling much better than I have in a long while.  It’s crazy to me that I let it get so out of control.

I am really glad that I bought a scale.  If I didn’t have one I would have stop working out as my clothes are loose and I feel fantastic.  But I am still heavier than the top weight in the range for my height.

So back to the exercise video for me.


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  1. I have the same Callanetics video (on DVD) and have totally forgotten about it! I’ve tried it a few times and liked it but for some reason have never stuck with it. You’re saying you usually see result after day 5-6…what kind of results are we talking about?

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