Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I think that we should fall back half an hour and leave the time there forever.

I am really missing that lost hour.  I woke up after 8 and thought way to early for a Sunday let me go back to sleep.  Then I looked at my cable box which is the correct time … 😦  I figured since my eyes opened I should get up.

I was slow-moving for the better part of the morning which made for a great time to read. 🙂

So far what have I accomplished?

What's left


I forgot to take a picture before my family got to dinner.  (Note to self: change the time on the camera)

Things to do tomorrow today:

  1. Bake more bread Done
  2. Make chocolate chip cookies Delegated to kids to do tomorrow
  3. Cook salmon, rice & broccoli for supper Done
  4. Look into making pine tarts I looked … so I’m counting this as a win 😉
  5. Make more cheese straws Done
  6. 4 loads of laundry Did 5
  7. Clean the bathrooms Delegated to kids
  8. Vacuum Delegated to kids
  9. Dust Delegated to kids
  10. Watch “Where The Wild Things Are” and “Good Deeds” Nope
  11. Read more of my latest book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” Done
  12. Last but not least, work out Not yet, but I will before I go to sleep

I am really enjoying the delegate to kids option!! 🙂

Right now, I am dragging.  My body says it’s time to sleep.  It’s only 7 pm. 😦


Comments on: "Can we stop springing forward?" (2)

  1. I totally get you!! I hate the time change.. it just throws me way off!! I’m so tired right now, but have a good 4 hours to go till my head will hit the pillow! 😦

  2. I was just talking to my husband about the time change. I hate it, and I think it’s pointless and outdated. Losing an hour messes up everyone’s internal clock, including the dog. His poor stomach was growling because he ate an hour later than normal.

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