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No Chores Done

This week-end I ran away from home and went South of the border for a night.

My Mom was kind enough to come by and stay with my girls so I could go hang out with some friends and be an adult last night.

I think I may have turned a corner with my lifestyle changes.  This is the first time I was out and away and did not go too crazy with anything.  I ate well but I was not terribly over my calories yesterday.  I came back to Canada and when asked how much I had to declare am proud to say it was less that $60.  I went to Sam’s Club and managed to only pick up food stuff that was cheaper than at home.  YEAH ME!!

Since I was away I have shot myself in the foot a little as all the chores I usually do are still waiting for me. 😉  It was a great week-end so it was worth it.

Tomorrow when I get  home from work I will start the laundry.  I took a pork loin out of the freezer before I left yesterday.  It is still sitting in the fridge waiting for me.  Tomorrow I will cut it in half and make stewed pork with one half and put the other in the slow cooker on Tuesday to make pulled pork.  I will also need to make some buns.

Man, tomorrow is looking like a busy day.  Maybe we’ll put off the laundry until later in the week. 😉


Comments on: "No Chores Done" (2)

  1. The busier days are easier to take if you have something fun to look back on.

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