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A slab of pork

I stopped at the library on my way home to pick up my requests.  6 movies and a book.  Can you guess what I’ll be doing this week/week-end?

While at the mall, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up milk and buns.  I will not delude myself into believing I have time to make bread/buns this week.

I came home starving.  Ate some of the left over Chinese food I bought yesterday.  I ordered the dinner for 4 which consists of chicken fried rice, beef chow mein, beef with broccoli, sweet and sour pork, chicken wings and spring rolls. When I think about it, that take out was a good deal.  It fed 4 of us yesterday and 4 meals today AND there are still leftovers. 🙂

And then I sat down.


I had to talk myself into getting up to deal with the slab of pork.  I had it in my head to take a picture before I cut it so you could see what I was talking about but well … tiredness took that idea away. 😦

I cut the pork loin in half.  I seasoned one half with my cousin’s secret seasoning mix of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and Montreal steak seasoning. 😉 I added onions to the slow cooker and put the piece of pork in.  This whole concoction went into the fridge and I will set it and forget it tomorrow morning.

The other piece of pork, I chopped up and seasoned with onion, garlic, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and various herbs and spices using this recipe as a guideline.  It too went into the fridge I will stew that up tomorrow night when I get home for dinner on Wednesday.

Laundry and working out have been re-scheduled as I am beat.


Comments on: "A slab of pork" (5)

  1. Future you will shout your blessings for the prep you did on the slab of pork. Sometimes when I’m faced with chores or things I know I should get done, I think about how annoyed I’ll be later if I didn’t do it.

  2. Now all I can think about is “I have a pork loin in the fridge! All of these things sound delicious!”

  3. […] 3 recipes I have had success with are pork roast, Mexican chicken and Jamaican […]

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