Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

So I went to get my oil changed this morning.

While under the hood of my car the mechanic noticed that I need a new air filter.  It’s been in the back of my mind as I can’t remember the last time it was changed.  I want to say the weather was warm and it wasn’t last year. O_o

So I asked the most important question, “What do you charge for that?”


That seems like way more than I recall buying the part for so I told the dude no I’d stop by Canadian Tire and pick one up and put it in myself.

The mechanic actually looked at me with surprise.  Like “Girl, you would do that?  You can do that? Are you sure you want to do that?”

I just had to shake my head.  It is remove two screws, remove cover, take out old air filter, put in the new one, then replace the cover.  Seriously NOT rocket science or brain surgery.

Surely a monkey could do it and not for $40.

A quick check on www.canadiantire.ca showed me a filter that would fit in my car for less that $24.  Save $16? Yes please!

Can you guess where I will be going this week-end?

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