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Girl Power

We Can Do It (Source)

Yesterday I stopped in at Wal-mart for a few odds and ends and thought let me see if my car air filter is available here.

It was. 🙂

Since it was still bright and sunny when I got home, I called my trusty sidekick, Diva to bring me a screwdriver.

I am so lucky to have her as she is a natural cheerleader.

We fought for a few minutes to get the cover off.  For a minute I didn’t think we would get it off but we did.

Changed the air filter.  And then the real battle begun.

If I thought getting the cover off was hard, it was nothing compared to putting it back on. O_o

We fought a good fight with Diva helping and cheering me on every step of the way.  It was great.

When my co-worker changed the filter the last time, it looked so easy …

I got it done, but questioned my sanity the whole time.

All in all it took less than 30 minutes with a savings of $17.

Next year I will be trying it again.

Doing it more often should make it easier right?


Comments on: "Girl Power" (4)

  1. $17 for 30 minutes is pretty good pay! It’s funny how something can appear so overwhelming and not be that hard.

  2. I need to do the same thing sooner or later, I didn’t even know it was that easy.

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