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A day trip

The cousin I am closest to is pregnant and was recently admitted to hospital.  She still has 5+ weeks to go with this pregnancy.  She is fine right now but it is recommended that she stay in hospital as it is the safest place for her and baby right now.

She lives in Kingston, Ontario, 2+ hours away from me, but since I had yesterday day off work we were planning to do some baking at her house.  With the hospitalization we let that plan go.  But I couldn’t get the baked goods out of my head. So on Thursday night I came home and whipped up some cheese straws.  They are perfection right after they come out of the oven and I have yet to figure out how to keep them crispy if I need to store them.  As much as I would have liked to take crispy cheese straws to my cousin I was not getting up early Friday morning to make them.

My co-worker went to Queen’s University and recommended we check out The Pilot House.  She said it is a pub with great food.  Well watching all those episodes of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives has made me a much easier person to sway. 😉

Earlier in the week, I was thinking I’m going to go to the pub with my teenage daughters, pregnant cousin and possibly her toddler … O_o

Anyhoo, because no pub is complete with a great bar.

The Pilot house bar


I ordered the halibut and chips, their speciality.

Halibut and chips


Princess had the chicken nuggets off of the children’s menu.

.Nuggets and chips


Diva had the BBQ chicken and chips.

chicken and chips


Overall it was a long but nice day.  It was good to see that my cousin was in great spirits.  We visited for over 2.5 hours.

In the past week I have put over 1000 kms on my car,  That is my usual mileage for a month!! I think some time at home is in order.  My gas spending this month was way over budget.

Next month is the chance to start over. 🙂


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