Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Oh March, you were an expensive month.

Firstly my March goals:

  1. Carla is having an Easter Secret Sister Swap.  You know I had to join that, it was so much fun last time.  I need to finish putting my package together. Done
  2. Stick to the budget (this is a given but since I didn’t write it in stone last month, madness ensued.) BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Continue to work out at least 3 times a week Nope
  4. Research new living room furniture. I bought new curtains yesterday and they let in so much light I can now see just how awful my couch really is. LOL I looked online so I am counting this as a win 😉
  5. Move my bookshelf Done
  6. Start and finish my Steelers scarf Started but it is nowhere near finished
  7. Read 4 books I read one
  8. Finish my vision board Nope

3.5 out of 8.  Dang, I need to step up my game. 😦

On the money front, I still track all my spending I just don’t post it here.  I’m leaning towards monthly updates, so let’s start with last month.

My girl Gail (I think she’s everyone’s girl) breaks down budgets like this:

housing 35%
transportation 15%
saving 10%
debt 15%
life 25%

March’s budget for me was supposed to look like this:

housing 34%
transportation 7%
saving 20%
debt 17%
life 21%

Instead my budget actually looked like this:

housing 31%
transportation 9%
saving 15%
debt 28%
life 30%

I think I double counted some things as I didn’t do my usual put the money on my credit card right after I charged it. 😦 I won’t be making that decision again any time soon.

Having said all that my savings increased, my debts decreased and my net worth increased by 3.5%.  Not as good as it could have been but I’ll take it.

Thankfully it’s a new month!!  And with it comes new opportunities to get it right. 🙂

April goals

  1. Come up with a savings goal for Carla’s April savings challenge, post to come
  2. Try something new; budget bi-weekly instead of weekly to coincide with my paycheck
  3. Finish my scarf and post pictures
  4. Finish my vision board (gotta get this done, it is way overdue)
  5. Read 4 books
  6. Work out 3 times a week
  7. Do another cleanse
  8. Wake up early every morning to read and/or workout
  9. Figure out what to do with all my bank accounts

I have a lot of repeats from last month.  I am going to keep them on my goals list until they are part of my routine then I will come up with new goals. 😉


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