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PGH – 4/2/13

If ever I think that I can go to all you can eat sushi twice in one week and not have any consequences please remind me of this week’s weigh in.

I am up 3 lbs.  Not impressed.

Okay now that I think about it, there may be more to it than just sushi.

Thursday lunch – all you can eat sushi goodness
Thursday dinner – everything in my fridge, I could not stop eating
Friday lunch – fish and chips
Friday’s dinner – big ole bowl of pho
Saturday’s dinner – more all you can eat sushi goodness
Sunday dinner – turkey dinner with lots of side dishes and wine

While I was not way over my calories on most days the cumulative effect was felt.  Add in, only one workout session all week and you have the recipe for weight gain.

Tonight I am going to make a big pot of “before the veggies spoil” soup as I have potatoes, celery, broccoli and onions that I need to do something with.  I am going to wing it with this recipe, hopefully it will turn into something my girls will eat.

I will also get back in the groove of working out.  Leslie is calling my name.  I can do at least a mile a day.  I really have no excuse.  I have to get my mind focused.  The problem is that I have reached a size that is acceptable to me.  I am still overweight but now it’s by a few pounds and as such the motivation is lacking.

The weight gain was enough of a wake up call to me.  I will get back on the wagon.

On a different note, I started a cleanse yesterday.  It is called Cleanse Smart and it is a 30 day gentle cleanse.  There are less dietary restrictions than the Wild Rose D-Tox I did earlier this year.

Cleanse Smart (Source)

It consists of 2 different capsules.  I take 1 capsule from bottle one, 30 minutes before breakfast and again at lunch.  I take 2 pills from the second bottle, 3 hours after my dinner.

This has really driven home how late I eat sometimes.  Need to get a better grip on this.  Meal planning would definitely help with this.

I am not expecting any weight loss as a result of doing this cleanse.  I do find that doing a cleanse in the spring helps me deal with the sun and heat of summer.  That is the main reason I continue to torture myself. 😉


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  1. I enjoy Leslie as well, but my feet are much too sore at the moment to exercise; that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…LOL

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