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I may can be delusional.  But when I step into certain stores I expect to at least be acknowledged.  In fact even walking into Wal-Mart gets me a hello from their staff.

So when I walked in to Leon’s, a furniture store, and no one said hello I was a little surprised.  I was even more taken back when I spent 30 minutes walking around sitting on various couches and no one offered any assistance.  It felt a little off.  The store was not overly busy.  I did see available sales people standing around.

I’ve been into various competitors and have always been offered help.  I can barely get in the door at The Brick without one salesperson at least saying hello how can I help you.

Now I am on the fence.  Do I want to give my hard-earned money to a store that treated me with minimal no customer service?



Comments on: "Expected level of customer service" (4)

  1. I think you’ve made up your mind but I’d give them a chance, you never now what was happening that day. Even though someone should have approached you to offer assistance maybe it was an oversight. if it happens again, then don’t be afraid to speak up, might even score you a better deal for letting the manager know how you feel and may help him/her to improver their sales team.

  2. Yikes! I am toen on this one. Though I prefer to browse alone, it would be the follow up support I would be concerned about…

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