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Doing it wrong

I started my scarf. YEAH!


It is going to be 27 rows wide.

I’m on the 9th row and I just realized I am doing it wrong. 😦


The pattern states that I make the first row by making a double crochet stitch, chain one stitch, then another double crochet stitch and repeat.  The next rows repeat the same pattern but the double crochets are made in the one chained stitch in the row below.

Can you guess where I did not put my double crochet stitches?

Comments on: "Doing it wrong" (8)

  1. Does it matter that you have made a mistake? It lools fine. You have used your creative licence and adapted the pattern. 🙂

  2. =( As a fellow knitter/crocheter, I feel your pain! Only I somehow lost a stitch…about 18 rows back in my pattern.

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