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Falling down tired

Fallen (Source)

I did pick up duty yesterday.


I picked my Aunt up at 5 pm then drove 2.5 hours to my cousin who is in the hospital.  We stopped for dinner at a service centre.  By the time we arrived at my cousin it was almost 8:30.  My Aunt started to make herself comfortable and I had to remind her I still had to return home 2+ hours away.


I dropped her off at my cousin’s house and left.

I walked into my home at 11:30.  I was ready to fall over I was so tired.

Even though I was in bed by midnight, I spent most of today in a fog.


On a good note, the courier called me today to arrange delivery of my mattress.  She scheduled it for tomorrow then called back when she realized the delivery address (my workplace) was very close to the depot.

It was my lucky day as the driver who delivered it went above and beyond.  I live 7 minutes from work and he was agreeable to follow me home and cart the 100+ pound box to my front door. 🙂 🙂  I really lucked out.  I am so grateful.  I will be letting his superiors know tomorrow.

Since I was already home I wrestled the mattress out of the box.  It was a bit funny.  The recommendation is to remove the old mattress and put the new one down on the box spring or the platform.  I didn’t want to throw out my old mattress until I spent a couple of nights on the new one to see if I liked it.  My great idea is to lean the old mattress against the wall beside my bed.

I managed to move the old mattress against the wall and as I backed away the top of the mattress started to keel over.  It was hilarious to watch as it moved very slowly.  I had the fun of trying to get the new mattress out of the box.  Once I removed the outer compression layer there was a hissing sound.  The mattress was folded with the bottom on the inside so after I removed all the packaging I still had to flip the now expanding mattress over.  Another task as there are no handles on the mattress to make it easier.  Once that was accomplished, I left the mattress to decompress while I went back to work.

It feels so comfortable to lay on that I can’t wait for bed tonight. 🙂 I think I am going to be very happy with this purchase.  I will most likely need to purchase new sheets as my mattress is now 14 inches thick and the fitted sheet that I put on tonight is a tad too short.  I will try out the rest that are in my linen cupboard before I hit the store.


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  1. Awww… sounds like such a long day/night for you!! 😦 At least you have that new mattress to crash on!! 🙂 I hope it works for you! We need one too… but who knows when we’ll get around to buying one. lol! Hubbys happy with ours, so it stays. 😉 Good luck with the bedding! Let us know what you get!

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