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IWIW – 4/17/13

I think I found my new couch or at least 2 possibilities.

Let me back up a minute.  When I was moving into my apartment 5+ years ago I was fortunate enough to be gifted a couch.  I was telling the parents of Princess’ BFF at the time that I need to purchase living room and dining room furniture.  They recently bought a couch that they could not get up their stairs and offered it to me.

I agreed, couch unseen.  The first time I saw the couch was when I went to pick it up to move it into my apartment.  It was not my style but the price was right. 😉

Over the years I bought a slip cover in an attempt to make the couch more attractive, but that proved to be more trouble that it was worth.  I was constantly adjusting and tucking the slip cover back in between the cushions so I gave it up all together.

I went looking at couches back in July but didn’t/couldn’t commit to anything.  I still continued to look research as the want/need has not disappeared.

Recently I went to a friend’s new apartment and it inspired me to try to make my place more like a home rather than a pidge podge of hand me down furniture.

I have no decorating skills so I am hoping that new couches would help make the room look like some thought went into it.

I have narrowed it down to 2 different couches.  I sent pictures to a couple of my friends and they offered me differing options. 😦  So I thought why not ask you?

Couch 1

grey couch (Source)

The first time I saw this set was in my cousin’s house.  It is comfortable.  My BFF thinks it looks too formal for my living room.  I am not sure where she got that idea from, as it doesn’t look all that formal to me.

Couch 2

brown couch (Source)

A reclining loveseat with cup holders!!!  How could one go wrong?  Well according to one of my friends the cup holders are exactly why he doesn’t like it.  Boo. 😦

The brown couch and loveseat are on sale until the end of the month.  My plan is to take the friend whose apartment I like with me to the store and get her opinion.

Until then which set gets your vote?

Comments on: "IWIW – 4/17/13" (10)

  1. I like them both, I guess it depends if you want a fabric or a leather set? I love my recliner.


  2. I vote leather. Looks better with age and will last forever. I’ve had mine since I got married over 15 years ago. And they still look great.

  3. I vote for couch one. Normally I’d choose leather but in this instance, couch one looks more stylish and classic to me.

  4. I’m not a fan of leather furniture personally.. it’s cold in the winter, sticky in the summer. lol! I vote for the 1st set. 🙂 I have microsuede furniture and love it…. so soft & comfy!! 🙂

  5. If you think you will keep this couch for some more years then it is worth spending on slip cover, although it is always true the one that appeals your eyes are expensive, but then sometimes Burlington Coat Factory comes in handy in situation like this as there are things on clearance for fraction of the cost, so its worth visiting, but if you don’t want to spend any money & want a quick & temperory solution to soothe your eyes then sacrifice one of your sheets & cover it up. You can use hot glue gun to give it a professional look as if you got it upholstered. Another place to get some cheap solution is Jo-Ann-Fabrics they sometimes have reasonable size fabric for under $10 or so.

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