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meal planning

I did a quick look in my freezer and I think I can avoid the grocery store for the most part this week.

Sunday – spaghetti and sausages with sauce
Monday – leftover spaghetti
Tuesday – fried chick peas and rice
Wednesday – curried shrimp and rice with corn
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – South Street burgers (we did not go last week :()

I have everything already in my kitchen.  The only reason I have to go to the grocery store is for milk and fresh veggies and fruit.  I do need to pick up a few things from Costco but I’m going to try to push that back until later this week.  Although if one of my co-workers suggest we go I will most likely be swayed.  I lack will power where Costco is concerned.


I read Carla’s post about Jen today and felt moved to donate to what I think is a worthy cause.  It wasn’t much but I hope it helps.  I can’t imagine what Jen is going through.  I pray that Jen’s surgery is successful and her recovery is quick.  It is just a little reminder to me to be grateful for my good health.


I still had money left over from 2+ weeks ago so I didn’t take out any more last Thursday.  I only took out $40 today as I am going to take my sister to get her eyebrows done tomorrow and I have a couple of things to drop in the post.  Other than that I am going to try to make it to the weekend without taking out any more money.

Think I can do it?


Comments on: "Food, worthy cause & the budget" (7)

  1. I reallllly need to get a menu plan done for the week too. The last almost week has been a complete write off. Now Miss Mya has a fever and is complaining of a sore throat… 😦 She literally just finished her meds about a week ago. So it’s back to the Dr’s tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for posting about Jen… you and my other readers have helped SOO much!! 🙂 I’m so grateful for your friendship!! Hugs!!

  2. W hates spaghetti but it is one of my favorite dishes. I could probably eat it a couple of times a week!

  3. As a mom of 3 young ones, I too struggle with meal planning. I am currently working on a web tool that helps me make it easier. Try it if you like (currently in Beta), I would love to know if it helps you and your family. Contact me at terra@mealspring.com if you would like more info –  mealspring.com

    • I’ll take a look at your website. Does it come with someone to cook the food too as that seems to be my issue?

      • Ha ha! No I can’t program that 🙂 Thanks for taking a look! If you have any questions please reach out I am still working on “instructions” so its more of feel your way around right now.

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