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What a week it’s been.

I have spent most of it feeling helpless which is not a nice feeling.

It started on Monday with my cousin’s 3-year-old daughter being admitted to hospital with what is believed to be her first asthma attack. 😦  This little girl already has peanut and egg allergies.  Adding in the asthma makes me sadder.

The hospital was able to get her breathing under control so she only had to spend 1 night. 🙂 She went home with 2 puffers and 1 oral steroid.  Her mother (my cousin) is on bed rest, in hospital with her second pregnancy, so her Nana gets the joy of administering puffers every 4 hours for the first 48 hours.

Wednesday, my cousin had a scheduled C-section.  I got a text with a picture of her new baby boy around noon and then I didn’t hear from her for the rest of the day.  I thought all was well and she was just recovering from major surgery and bonding with her new munchkin.

I was so very wrong.

Late last night I got a call from my Aunt (my cousin’s mother).  She relayed the horror of 2 emergency surgeries to try to stop her child from bleeding profusely.  By the time she called me the doctors had pumped 17 units of blood into my cousin.

The first time my cousin went into labour resulted in an emergency C-section and a near death experience.  I was really hoping for less “excitement” this time around.

My cousin spent the night in ICU and seems to be on the mend.

Thankfully my cousin only wants 2 children.  I don’t think any of us could handle this situation again.

I am worn out emotionally.

How’s your week been?

Comments on: "Helpless" (5)

  1. Sorry to hear of all the family medical issues. It WILL get better!! xoxo

  2. […] am debating going to visit my cousin this weekend but there’s a small nagging voice that says wait until she’s settled in at […]

  3. Oh no. Only just saw this post..I hope everyone is out of the danger zone 😦

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