Random thoughts of an upbeat mind


TGIF (Source)

I don’t think I’ve been this happy to see Friday in a long while.

I am not one of those “Yeah Friday, Boo Monday” people.  I actually look forward to Monday.  Please don’t have me committed, I swear I’m a normal person and not a crazy lunatic … as opposed to a sane lunatic.  LOL  I make me laugh.


I like Mondays mainly because my week days are structured.  I eat at close to regular intervals.  I have a routine that works for me when I have to go to work all day.

The weekends are a hot mess.  Many times it will be after 2 pm and all I’ve put in my stomach is a cup of coffee. 😦  And that’s not necessarily because I’ve been working hard either.

I am debating going to visit my cousin this weekend but there’s a small nagging voice that says wait until she’s settled in at home.

If I don’t go visiting I think I will just relax at home.  The week felt extra long.

This afternoon, I am going to take a friend to Costco.  That in itself is an ordeal fun trip as my girl loves to wander slowly through the store looking at things she knows she will not buy.

I’ve come to the conclusion I am very “big city”.  I drive fast.  I walk with some speed.  I am not a real shopper.  Unless I am on vacation, I want to get in and out of most stores in record time.  I usually feel like I have so much to do.

I will also take my car to the detailing place.  I think I could write my name in the dust that’s on my dashboard. 😦

Tonight I will watch the movie Ray as it is due tomorrow.  AND I’ve renewed it twice and the library won’t let me renew it any more.


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