Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

OTMTW – 4/28/13

It’s time to figure out what is on the menu this week.

My fridge is stocked with leftovers so I want to use those up before making anything new.

Sunday – baked salmon & rice
Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – more leftovers and broccoli
Wednesday – pasta and sauce
Thursday – chicken strips and fries
Friday – pancakes and bacon
Saturday – South Street (no we still have not gotten here yet :()

While I am struggling to make menu plans I do find them helpful even though I sometimes don’t stick to it. *blush*  They force me to look in the fridge/freezers to see if  there is something I can use out instead of running to the store.

Planning ahead is semi working for me.  It’s easy to get off track but I’m getting there.  I will continue as it helps with my impulse grocery shopping.  I love to shop for food. 😦


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