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Asleep on the job

Some days I am not sure where my head is.

So earlier this week I finally check my mail box and there waiting for me was my renewal for my car insurance.

I looked over it and noticed a 3% monthly service fee was added.

Say what?

So I called and it turns out that it is a new fee.  So I asked to go to yearly if that would save me money.  In the past I wanted to pay yearly but was told they could only do monthly payments.

Then I looked at the cost for my insurance and thought let me see if I can get a lower price.

Turns out I can. 🙂

The cheapest quote for car and condo insurance is almost $400 cheaper per year than what I am paying now.  So even with the $50 cancellation fee on my condo insurance I still come out ahead.

So what have I learned folks?

It pays to shop around.  I will be putting a reminder in my calendar to check out insurance options next year.


Comments on: "Asleep on the job" (3)

  1. Insurance business is VERY competitive. They ALWAYS give you an outrages good price quote first. Once you signed in it gets higher and higher because of this and that. But that is the same with all businesses…… web hosting, car repair, dog groomers……
    My dad used to say: ‘ I know, you all want my very best! The content of my wallet.”

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