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Weekend recap 5/6/13

Since I heard the weekend was going to be fabulous, I got the important chores out-of-the-way on Friday.  Smart huh?  Sometimes I am more than just a pretty face. 😉  I was not a happy camper to come home to clean and do laundry and some baking but thinking about it now I’m glad I did.  There is still laundry to be done and some bread to bake but other than that the list of things that have to be done is empty. 🙂

I spent this week-end helping a friend clean out his garage.  It was more of a supervisory job. 🙂 As I think he wanted company not actual assistance.  I am very good at providing company!! LOL

Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo I took my girls to Chipotle.  Diva was happy with her burrito bowl and half of mine!! LOL  Princess not so much.  Her tacos were soggy so she refused to eat them.  When I asked one of their employees about it he offered to replace the tacos.  My girl was not interested.  So he gave us a gift certificate for a free bowl, burrito or tacos.  This will be used on some future date.

After dinner we went for a walk up Yonge Street.  I was looking for ice cream.  I did not find any. 😦

I still need to figure out what to cook this week.  I will look in the cupboards later and hopefully come up with something great.  I’ll let you know in a bit.


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  1. […]  Then Princess and I went to Chipotle to utilize the free burrito coupon we got in May when she didn’t like her meal.  Good thing we went when we did as the coupon expires at the end of this […]

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