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OTMTW -5/5/13

I know I should have been back earlier to post this but I was not feeling inspired.  The fridge is full of stuff but nothing meal worthy.  My freezer … needs to be cleaned out.  There are some items suffering from freezer burn. 😦

Sunday – Chipotle
Monday – veggie scrambled eggs and toast
Tuesday – grilled cheese sandwiches
Wednesday – cheese tortellini and sauce
Thursday – chicken strips and fries
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – going to visit family 🙂

I really need to go grocery shopping.  The only meat I have in my freezer is ribs.  And that is never a quick dinner option.  I will look through the flyers and make a plan based on what is on sale.  My week-end is shaping up to be busy so groceries will be bought on Friday.

Maybe it’s just me but I am finding that with really good grocery sales, some items are out of stock very quickly.  I mean the first day of the sale on some deals. 😦  Have you noticed that?


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  1. None of my business, but Friday is the WORST shopping day, since everybody goes than. Everything takes longer on Fridays, since the lines are longer, isles are more crowded…..
    Also,if you fridge is full of food, why bother? invent you food. that is what I do. I very seldom through anything away, since I feel for the people in other countries, who almost never get 3 meals a day. One can almost ALWAYS mix things with potatoes and have a meal.
    be blessed!

    • Unfortunately my fridge is full of condiments, no real food. 😦 I found unless I am going to the stores close to when they open they are always busy. On Fridays I tend to leave work a little earlier than most so it helps beat the crowds.

  2. I end up price matching alot. Superstore and Walmart do price matches. Unfortunately with Loblaws if you need PC products than you an only price match those items with Superstore.

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