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PGH – 5/9/13

Monday & Tuesday were lost days where exercise is concerned.

I left work early yesterday so I really had no good excuse not to work out so I did.  I worked out again today after work.  Getting up in the morning to work out is not working for me this week.

My weight is about the same as last week.  Considering how much I worked out last week … I was hoping for a decrease. *sigh*

I am still counting calories like a madwoman.  I need to do better about getting veggies into my day.

Since I missed didn’t working out on Monday and Tuesday I will be exercising on Saturday and Sunday to make up for it.  So I will be working out for the next 10 days straight. o_O

I can do it.  Yes I can!! LOL



Comments on: "PGH – 5/9/13" (4)

  1. 10 days straight!! I am sure you *can* do it – great effort 🙂

    I did make a start to some exercise this week – slow and steady – but I feel great for even beginning!

  2. You can do it!! Those 10 days will fly by!! 🙂

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